BRITISH 2yo RACING - 2009 Season Race Result
Race 224 : Sat, June 20th
Ascot 2:30, 7f Listed (1), "Chesham Stakes"

[Est] is the B2yoR Rating. 2009 [Ests] to different Scale
to set 2007 & 2010-13. Green indicates a 55+ level,
Cream between 30 & 54, Pink less than 30.

Wnr = previous/LATER 2yo Winner. Letter is Race Type.
Hf = Position at Halfway. Green indicates making places to the finish.
GF 90.19
2None None

Horse SP [EST]Run Wnr Trainer Dw Hf Run Notes
1Big Audio2272.03 L R. Hannon 11
BkOk H-4, 15th+2f -8L, Prg-3f+, -3L at -3f, 3rd-1.5f, Ld-1f, PO, Idle in Front, HgL Lt
2Emporer Claudius471.03 A. P. O'Brien 4
2nd Cols, Supp 11/2, BSqz-2 Ngl, Last+2f, Swc Stds' RL & Prg-2f+, 5th-1.5f, PO-1f in, Chal Lt
3Party Doctor1268.03 T. G. Dascombe 8
BkWL Ld Erl, Hdd+0.5f, Eff & Ld-2f+, Chalgd-2f, Hdd-1f, Stall Lt, Resp to Ln
4Beethoven464.03 G A. P. O'Brien 9
1st Cols, Chal-2f, Stall-1f
5Shakespearean854.02 mG M. Johnston 12
6Aerodynamic7.548.02 m P. Eddery 7
H-1 Erl, SOutpcd-3f, Po, Stall-1f
7Step In Time2042.03 M. Johnston 16
SFre Erl & Prg, 2nd FrSd Grp Erl, Swc Cent, Fd-1.5f
8Queen's Hawk3326.03 a D. J. Coakley 10
BkOk H-4, 13th+2f, Eff & Prg-3f, Fd-1.5f
9Bikini Babe1218.03 m M. Johnston 13
SFre Erl Eff & Prg, Ld FrSd Grp+0.5f, SwcL to Cent-Stds'+1.5f, Ld Hf, Hdd-2f+, Fd
10Florio Vincitore10018.02 A E. J. Creighton 1
Ldg Ln Erl Stds' Sd, 3rd+2f, Fd-1.5f+
11Meglio Ancora14-12.02 m J. G. Portman 15
Fd-1.5f, Eased
12Avow100-18.02 J. S. Moore 6
14th+2f, LsGrnd Hf, SResp Lt to Fdrs
13Rigid50-24.02 J. G. Given 14
14Fly Silca Fly66-30.03 M M. R. Channon 17
BkOk p-2 Wd Ngl, Fd-2f, Eased
15Izaaj (t)8-28.03 m S. B. Suroor 2
Outpcd-2f, Fd-2f
16Honor In Peace (bt)16-34.03 W. A. Ward 5
Drift 8/1, Eff & Prg Erl, Ld Stds' Sd Erl, LdOv+1f, Swc to RL, 2Clr+2f, Hdd Hf & Fd-3f, Ill after Travel
NRBun Oir R. Hannon 3

2Stalls centre but field move over to stands' side then spread out a bit in later race. Another 2yo race at meeting featuring a stong, multi-way, pace in layers where the 1st two home were close to last at Hf. Latter 3 of 6 races won that way & first 3 bybetter quality pacemakers running stands' side. Hf positions of 6 x 2yo winners reads 2-1-1-10-13-13 in date order. Stronger paces in latter races? Less good pacesetters? Ascot fiddling with watering on stands' side?
EC followed route of switching to to stands' rail to make progress. BAudio make progress 6 off rail after Hf then shift right later. Field only spread over 6-7L at Hf.
BA held up by design & good progress 2f out. Stay on well & idle in front. Up to 7f & can improve for further. EC smaller type but deep & lengthy. Hampered at start but not a real excuse given the way hold-up tactics worked in race. Clear progress & winner could have responded to earlier challenge.
PDoctor ran very well & did best of pace pressers. Never stopped responding to Jk & still going forward at finish. Lack change of pace but relentless galloper. Need stiff test but up to Group class, perhaps at 8f.
Beethoven 1st colours over 2nd. Fade in last furlong & not get this 7f.
3 x Johnston runners in 1st 5 at Hf & race too freely & all fade. BBabe up to fillies' Listed at 7f if settles. HIPeace not look fit & reported ill after travel over. Fade early.
Rest of field not really get involved & few finish race off properly overall.

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